Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a brief overview

My life so far is pretty ordinary. It's the IDEAL stable, mundane life.
People go through life looking through one perspective... theirs. Really? How else is there to view life except through one's eyes. I've always been fascinated with how different people live their lives. No matter how boring their life may seem to others, it's probably exciting in its own way or else, how could they get through the day.

I guess, my goal with this blog is to just let someone else see what my life is like. I think it's interesting.... but I guess that just because it's my life. Like I said, my life is the ideal mundane story. I'm a university student studying business with big dreams. I'm quite the creative one and recently have picked up an addiction to working out. It's ironic... I was never good at gym class (or even interested in it for that matter). I was always the "skinny asian girl". One of my professors told me it was a good idea to develop a "pitch" about yourself. So that when you go into an interview, you can describe yourself in 3-4 sentences and have the interviewer remember you. hahaha... I have NO idea how I could capture my essence in 3-4 sentences.

How should I describe myself? Through my traits?
I'm loud, short, "spunky" (some older aquafit ladies call me that), opinionated (but only when I know my opinion is good) and spiritual. Not spiritual in a religuous way. A good friend of mine said I was spiritual in the way that I connect with people. I see people's "soul" more than the outerness of people. I never viewed myself that way before until he told me this. I just thought I was good at picking up people's emotions.

I don't like describing myself through traits. Millions of people have similar traits but I think the way you handle experiences says more about you than any old trait. But how can I describe the multitude of experiences I've had in order to depict my life? Especially when my life is at a crossroad right now, a
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nd the next few steps I take will change my life significantly.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 1: a blog is born

My first blog..... very excited.
This will be good. :)