Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby in 3 days

Baby is due in 3 days.
Here is what is running through my mind:
  • Am I going to forget my bathrobe?
  • I wonder if the hospital has internet connection?
  • Which books are TOO big to bring? How many books should I realistically bring?
  • Why can't I sleep?
Notice how I'm not thinking about the baby. Is that normal? Shouldn't I be freaking out about becoming a mother in 3 days? Maybe, I've just gotten so used to the idea that it doesn't seem that "new" anymore. Or maybe I'm in complete denial of the situation.

I packed my hospital bag. The baby's stuff takes us more space in my bag... which will change once I get my furry, red robe in there. I have to pack 2 sleepers, 1 sweater, socks, mitts, hat, blanket and undershirts. She's wrapped in a blanket the entire time! Why would I risk losing one of my precious socks if she's always in a blanket!?

That's the extent to what I'm thinking about the baby... except the occasional yell at her to go to sleep so that I may also go to sleep.