Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do this for one day

I'm absolutely exhausted but just had to write this out. I recently watched this video and have been playing around with the word "why".
Such a powerful word contained in 3 letters.

My friend called me up today to ask for some help about his life. He basically wanted to find more fulfillment (I had just lent him The Last Lecture so I knew that this talk was going to be coming soon). So we talked and debated about how you can find happiness. Does it come from helping yourself? Does it come from helping others? What can steps can you take in life that would make you happy now, in 5 years, in 50 years, the minute before you die?

So my friend started listing out the things that would make him happy and then, I started asking him why.

Why would being rich make you happy?

Because then I could give money to my family.


Because I want my family to never have to worry about money.

Why would that make your family happy?

Because then they could do things that would make them happy.

Why would they do that?

Because then they could help people.


Because helping people is good.


Because it makes the world a better place.


Because people won't be unhappy.

Why wait to be rich if all you want to do is make people unhappy?


So, here's my proposition.
In everything that you do today, keeping asking 'why' over and over. Eventually, you'll get to the root and the answer may surprise you.

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  1. ahh, but indeed!
    In similar fashion, if you ever need to make a commitment to something all you need to do is break out the similar "if".

    The typical: I want to get into shape
    how do you want to do it: I want to bike.
    so "If" I get a bike, I'll bike everyday and thus get into shape..

    By breaking it down to the if, you've got no excuses once you point it out!

    Happiness is a doozey, really.. and it's not as elusive as we all pretend to think.
    Emotions <=> physicality is a two way street... you smile because you're happy, but you're also happy because you smile (that's actually science).

    Livestrong, madam.