Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 70: A day in the life of Rosie

My dad took this picture of me early in the morning during a rare moment when Rosie was asleep in her crib- March 12
Rosie sleeping- Apr. 27

Rosie had her 2 month doctor's appointment today. The first question my doctor asked was: "Describe a typical day for Rosie".
My answer: "Uhhhh. Normal for a baby?"
I don't even know why I made it into a question when that was my answer.
"Soooo, eat, sleep and poop?" my doctor said.
"Yes," I replied.

That got me thinking. I have a tendency to always assume that people know what my life is like. How my days appear and the reasons behind my thoughts.

Of course, I realize this is stupid... but it happens so naturally.

So, I have decided to write down what a day in Rosie's life is like so that I will remember it forever and so that Rosie has something to read when she's older.

I don't even really know where to start. Rosie's "days" are more like never-ending circles of time. Because she doesn't actually sleep through the night, her day doesn't really "start" anywhere.

But, I guess to make things simple, I'll say Rosie's day starts at 6am. Depending on her mood, she'll either wake up, eat and fall asleep or eat and stay awake. The hour after Rosie wakes up for her day is usually the most active. She is definitely a morning person. She squeals, converses with the pillow and hyperventilates (which is her way of laughing).

My mom usually comes in to take Rosie around 8am if Rosie is awake. Bath time occurs soon after leaving Rosie smelling wonderfully of lilacs.
Followed by a brief crying session because Rosie hates being taken out of the water.... and getting dressed.

I roll out of bed between 11-12 and start my day by washing all of the clothes Rosie pees, poops or vomits on from that night.

Rosie's daytime varies depending on whether I have plans or not. Sometimes we have visitors or outings. On nice days, I usually manage to take her for a walk. I get about 20 minutes of strolling before Rosie starts crying and then 10 minutes of sprinting home.

Having everyone at the dinner table is impossible. Someone always has to be holding Rosie or else screaming occurs. Evening time is Grandpa time. He usually plays with Rosie. However, once 7 pm hits, Rosie starts getting cranky.

10pm is when we start getting ready for bed. Rosie has a quick snack at 11pm before finally getting placed in her crib around midnight. After that, she sleeps in 3-4 hour intervals interspersed with surprise spit-up sessions.

Funny story: Trying to wake Rosie this morning at 3am was like waking the dead. She was passed out on her back (a sleeping position she usually hates) and kept swatting my hand away every time I tried wake her. She is strangely coordinated for a 2 month old.

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