Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good God that child can cry

Night 1: ferbrizing went surprisingly well.
Night 2: she cried for an hour and a half straight (even though she hadn't napped all day). I felt bad, and also wanted to go to sleep, so I let her sleep with me. Small steps, I keep telling myself.
Night 3: (which is tonight) She's been crying for 15 mins so far. I've already gotten in an argument with my mom that Rosie doesn't need a "nightlight". It's not going to prevent her from feeling scared, that's just a stupid preconception that people have had built into them. She sleeps in the dark in my room, it should be no different in her room. But, of course, opinions (and especially, parenting opinions) are hard to change no matter what the facts say.


  1. I let my daughters have nightlights so I wouldn't trip over stuff I hadn't picked up, or bump into what I couldn't see when I went in to check on them.

  2. Have you tried streaming white/brown/pink noise or rain when you put her to bed? Maybe it could help calm her down (Rosie, the party animal). and are good to stream.