Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If you're not a brand, you're a commodity

I'm tired and the hockey game is going to be on soon so I'm going to keep today's blog short.

I apologize for not writing so much lately. Life drama; which hopefully, has been contained for at least 1 week.

Today, I want to talk more about personal branding. I'm currently reading Women, Work & The Art of Savoiur Faire. I just noticed that the title didn't end at "The Art". (Dyslexia? I think so).
I'm about half way through and quite enjoying the read. The author Mireille Guiliano is quite witty.

I'm still working on branding myself. I know it's a life long journey but I'm finally starting to get a good hold on it. I think the most difficult part of branding yourself is the "narrowing". You have to push back all the bullshit in your life and focus in on 1 or 2 things about you that make you stand out. Make you so incredibly unique that NO ONE can match you.
For a modest person, this might be a bit tough.

Last night, I realized that the two qualities that put me above everybody else is my ability to teach and present. I'm a formidable teacher (just ask all my swimming clients... I can teach ANYONE to swim. This is no exaggeration) and can put together an out-of-this world presentation in order to get the message across. These are not common skills. I hate it when presentation time comes around in school because no one really pushes the button. Everyone plays it safe... which ends up being really boring.

So I decided that I'm going to capitalize on this skill and actually help people. Like I said, presentation time is right around the corner, and I'm going to offer my expertise around school. I'm even going to have a business card. I'm so excited.

If you're not a brand, you're a commodity.

I refuse to be just another average face. I'm fantastic and I want to make other people fanshmabulous.

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