Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear DD

My biggest question in life is why? Why did you fall in love with me? Why did you say we'd be together forever? Why did you ever bother to look at me if you knew that one day, you'd just break my heart and leave?
After all the tears you've put me through.... after the countless number of times you've walked away from me.... why do I still love you?
Why are you the one I dream of every night? Why are you the one that keeps me up at night? I lie in bed, so angry at all the things you've done. I'm filled with so much hate and pain that I vow every night that this is it; I'll move on and never look back. I will never let you hurt me again.
Why are you the first thing I think of when I wake up? I leave my dreams of you and open my eyes to an empty world it seems. There's no you to laugh with. There's no you to confide to. There's no you to hold my hand as I go down this hard road.

I wake up every morning for our child. I keep moving and breathing for our child. And through this child, I pour all the love I have for you, and yet, not a day goes by when I secretly don't wish that I would give up everything, just to have you with me again, even if for a day. I've never regretted our baby. I always said that you and I were like 2 puzzle pieces. Alone, we were just ordinary objects but when put together, we made a beautiful picture. You were everything I wasn't. You were simple, carefree, always willing to love, so non-judgmental. I was everything you weren't. I was the quiet one, the reflective one, the one who kept us going.
I remember all the fights we had. I was always so quick to give up on us and you never let me. You fought everytime I left and I always came back. I never knew someone could love me so much. I always came back. Why then won't you come back?

I keep you at an arms distance. Everyone warns me not to involve you.... to just move on and focus on myself and the baby. When I see you, I hide everything. I talk to you with a mono-tone voice, not revealing that all I want to do is beg for you to come back. I look at you with unfeeling eyes, trying not to show that the depth of love I feel. I walk away, and fight running back to you with every step. I still love you.... just as much as I did when you first swept me off my feet. I'll love you forever.... just like I told you I would each time you held me.

But I'm done fighting for you. I'm done wasting my breath with words that just get swept off your ears. I'm done listening to lie after lie.
I believe that you will one day you will wake up. That the fear that keeps you running will fade and that my old Danny will come back. The one that was never afraid to love; to show his feelings. He will come back and you won't be lost anymore.

I also believe, that I'll be gone by then. That despite how much I love you, my fear of being left behind will keep me running. I run as fast as I can away from you. You've left me alone enough times that I've gotten quite a head start. Sometimes, I hear you call and I slow down, but the moment your voice fades, I run for my life.... for my heart.

My poor baby. I'm sorry that it has you for a father. I'm sorry that I can't make you understand. I'm sorry that because of our failures, the baby will suffer. my poor baby

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