Monday, October 19, 2009

no matter what happens.... school goes on

I find it weird that despite I seem to be living this horrendous nightmare that won't go away, I still have the routine of school.
School everyday. School work all day. Stress related to school never ending.
It's like the only thing that keeps me grounded and focused.

This week was sooooo busy. Thank god I now have no life and have plenty of time to do school stuff.
I had a 25 page paper, 10 page paper, 5 page paper + quiz + 1 proposal + lots of readings all due today and tomorrow. Due to my amazing time management, I finished everything yesterday.

In 2 weeks from today, I will have another 25 page paper, final exam, 20 page paper, 5 page paper + more readings to do. Lovely.

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