Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Got my H1N1 shot today. Ugh! I was dreading this day and I was right to be dreadful. So many people! I felt so uncomfortable and was pretty sure the likliehood that I'd catch H1N1 was more likely to happen there because of the massive amounts of people there. So many screaming children.
I was really lucky though. I only had to wait 45 mins in line to get a number. I was told to come back at 4:30 but I knew that if I did, I'd have to wait in line forever. Sure enough, I get there at 6 and they had only called my number 20 mins ago. I was put to the front of the line, got my shot within 15 mins and was done. HAHA! I was reading the information sheet and for pregnant women, they recommended to get the non-adjuvecated dose which would not be available till November. However! Women who were past the half-way point should not wait and get the adjuvecated shot now. I was a bit uneasy since its such a new shot and the side-effects are really known yet. I mean, look at what thalimide did. But, I trust my doctor and she said don't risk anything and get the shot.
Some kid in Toronto died within 3 days getting H1N1. So scary. Imagine having your kid here with you one day, the weekend passes normally, and then he dies of a flu. *shudder*

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