Monday, October 26, 2009

Good weekend

I have not talked to "him" in 1 week and 2 days! YEA!!!
I have to admit that though I miss him so much, having him out of my life is like a breath of fresh air. I don't feel suffocated and actually, feel really strong and good about myself.

This weekend, I focused on spending time with my family and catching up with all my assignments. I don't have much of a life anymore and am surprised at how well I'm doing at school. I have nothing else to do but study so I'm actually done my assignments ahead of time! I feel really good about myself. I'm still exercising a lot and eating really healthy.
Another positive about being single, I don't spend as much money!! I hardly ever go out for dinner and when I do, I don't have to pay for 2 people! :)

For one of my classes, I had to write a paper titled "Best-self". Basically, I had to get a bunch of people to write down what they thought was my best quality. I then have to reflect on the answers and describe what I am like at my best. The point of the assignment is to figure out how to keep yourself at your best as often and long as possible. I can see it being really beneficial for a lot of business students who don't really bother on self-reflection. I, however, have always been self-absorbed and have spent my entire life developing my "inner-self" and skills. None of my friends and family's answers were unexpected though 2 of them surprised me. My 2 best friends said my best quality is that I am ambitious and dedicated. I never knew that they saw that as my best quality. It was kind of weird but enlightening.

My favorite quote I've ever heard is: "The most important relationship you'll ever have in life, is the relationship you have with yourself".
I couldn't agree more. After all that's happened, I am even more determined to make sure that I'm always the best I can be and that I make myself happy. I never want to rely on another person to give me those feelings again.

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