Monday, October 12, 2009

To Baby

I'm sorry if my anger is bad for you. I'm known for my scary temper.
This week was bad. I have 3 papers to write for next week, 1 test and 2 small presentations. I'm a bit stressed but that's not what makes me mad. I'm really good at managing my time, so I'm not worried about not finished everything in time.
I'm mad that unnecessary complications have arisen that have pushed me back on schedule.

In one of my classes, the prof selected my group. Unfortunately, the group consists of all asians. I've never been very fond of working with just asians.... its like they can't control themselves when they're put together. The whole "collective" thinking problem comes up and they can't focus. It doesn't help that my group members are like little children anyways.
ARGH! They make me so mad. It's been 4 days and they still don't have anything figured out.
So I apologize for all the yelling and "anger adrenaline" that keeps you up.

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