Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday day Weekend

Well, I finally put Kathy on the bus to Toronto after making her miss her first bus. We ended up eating lunch at Koreana which was FANTASTIC.... mmm... so goooood.

My champagne birthday was fun. I woke up at 8am to film a movie with my Japanese class. Filmed for 2 hours. I spent the entire time in my Optimus Prime helmet, doing a robot walk. I have to admit.... I was quite fantastic. Pictures will be uploaded soon. It still comes as a shock to me when I see how short I really am. I keep thinking of myself as an average sized person but anytime I see full-sized photos of myself, I am shocked at how petite I am. Like a child.... UGH.
Went out for lunch with French Joe, big dinner at home and ended the night with my love, Transformers.

Kathy took a bunch of pictures of me and I have definitely gained some weight in my face. AAAHHH! I was hoping I wouldn't get "fat face".... alas, I am slowly growing a double chin. Why couldn't the fat just go into my boobs more!!!!!???

Excellent presents this year. ROOTS VILLAGE BAG!!!!! WOO HOOO!!! (from Bo and Chi Mai). Elizabeth Arden face lotion, from Mom (which I have really needed to buy but can't afford). Red and grey nail polish, from Chi Mai. I'm wearing the red nail polish right now. It's so festive :) Caroline got me some really expensive, French body stuff. It smells soo good. Asha gave me a book I'm in the midst of reading, "Snow Flower...". It's about this girl as she goes through traditional, chinese foot-binding. I haven't slept really well since reading the book or maybe that has something to do with Kathy taking up the entire bed.

Dinner with the gang

Me and Kathy at dinner

Birthday dinner with the family and my new red hat!

Songs I'm currently crazing about:
  • Lady GaGa- Bad Romance (finally found a good version to download)
  • Dragonette- Pick up the phone
  • Lights- Saviour
I can't Lady GaGa's music video out of my head. It's so cool. I love the costumes she wears.

It's getting really foggy outside. Tonight looks like a spooky Halloween evening not a normal night in November. Christmas decorations are popping up all over the city. I love it... love Christmas. I don't know how to describe it, but there's something about this holiday that is so engaging. Just seeing a big wreath hanging off someone's door makes me feel happy.

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