Friday, November 20, 2009

birthday dinner

Birthday in 2 days. Tonight, I went out for sushi with some pool friends and Kathy. I was so excited!!!! However, my night didn't turn out as planned.
The waitresses were absolutely horrible. They wouldn't make eye contact, lost our orders and didn't have the consideration to notice that we had been sitting for over an hour and still had not eaten any sushi. When I tried to figure out where the hell our food was, the waitress got upset and defensive..... she also couldn't understand english so THAT didn't help at all.
Definitely not going back there. I'm ashamed that I've recommended it to so many people.
When I think of this sushi restaurant from a marketer's perspective.... boy do they fuck things up. They have absolutely no concept of customer service. What a bunch of failures.

I'm now in a food coma and have a jammed packed weekend of group meetings, studying, work and attempts to celebrate my champagne birthday.

I went to Chapters today while waiting for Kathy to get to Ottawa. I spent over 1.5 hours there struggling not to buy every book that landed in my hand. I took pictures of the next 4 books that I want to read. I'm going to try and find them in my library. I LOVE CHAPTERS!!!! sooo much fun.

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