Monday, December 28, 2009

A Monday diary

I woke up at 11:52 am today. Correction, I woke up at 7:48 am and didn't crawl out of bed until 11:52. I debated whether or not to spend another lethargic day bathing in nothingness. Luckily, my sister forced me into the "not".

I drove her and myself to the library to get a book titled "If You Want to Write" by Brenda Ueland. It was highly recommended on this new blog I love (Presentation Zen). Plus, I've been wanting to improve my writing.

Sadly, as what usually happens in libraries, the book (though declared as 'Checked in') could not be found in its rightful place on the bookshelf. Over my fat, heavy body was I going to trudge around and try to find it. So I picked up another book that had a cover I connected with. "PEN ON FIRE".

I've read the opening quotation so far and have already written 10 blog rough-drafts, this journal and a bunch of other creative thoughts. I also found 2 new amazing blogs. This book is amazing. Ha Ha Ha.

Back to my day... I drove around the neighbourhood running little errands with Chi Mai revolving around:
a) exchanging my X-mas presents
b) letting Chi Mai window shop.

I did successfully buy some fantastic post-it notes ON SALE at Staplex and will buy an adorable water bottle at Chapters when the place is a little less crowded.

I got home around 3 hours later and relaxed for a bit before heading out to Milestones with the SPLX girls. It was a fun night. Good food, lots of food, great service (the manager herself guarenteed me that I wouldn't die from my allergies while I was here). I've never had that before! I love those girls so much. We each have our distinct personaities and are pretty different from each other but for some reason, we're really great friends. With most of my friends, our relationships and chillfests are just splurges of the moment. But with these girls, we go out of our way to make time for each other... even if only once every 3 months.

And now, here I am... tired but too wired with creative diarrhea. Plus, the wind is blowing at like, 60 km/h makiing my house super creaky.

PS. Baby is getting sooooo heavy. My back is killing me.

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