Sunday, December 27, 2009

how-to stay organized..... theresa-style

If there is one thing I am exceptional at.... it would be organizing. haha.

It's 4:42pm and so far, I've:
  • paid off all debt
  • cleaned out old purses and bags
  • made lemon tea
  • dressed up my window including tying up my broken blinds and taping up curtains
  • adding some plants
  • complied my massive TO-DO list
Today, my focus was on re-organizing my room so that I would have more space to work on my projects. I've always been a bit of an over-achiever.... actually, I like to overwhelm myself with projects but rarely finish them. To battle against this habit, I find writing everything down on a big list helps me sort out which are truly important. That way, I can ensure that I at least complete one project.

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