Thursday, January 28, 2010

The "D" encounter

So, I told D I was keeping the baby (through text... isn't that just lovely). His textual response was "Ok. That's fine".
After a shrug of my shoulders, I didn't bother to think about him. (Isn't our relationship healthy?)

I happened to run into him at work 5 days later. I was at the library and decided to stop by the pool to visit my friend. D saw me through the pool window and commanded one of the lifeguards to tell me to come talk to him.

I'm fat and over-heating as it is, why the hell would I go stand on a 100 degree pool deck?

So, I stayed in the office and waited for him to go on break (which was in 15 mins anyways). He came in, glared at me and stormed out into the sidehall. I rolled my eyes at my nearest co-worker and followed him.

He whipped around and loudly stated, "So. Is this IT? Are you finally done changing your mind?" I love how HE said it; as if I actually enjoyed struggling with this decision and did it for fun.

We ended up arguing in circles because he DEMANDED joint custody. I flatly stated that until this point, I had never seen him act like a parent and needed him to prove this to me before I felt comfortable giving him my baby. He has never been there, knows absolutely nothing about the baby (besides her sex) and actually thinks he's entitled to be her father because he has to pay child support.

My question was, "If I hadn't asked for child support. Would you even be standing here?"

No answer.

He got so riled up and couldn't articulate anything. I think that he thinks I'm wanting full custody as a way to punish him for being such an ass. Apparently, the only way I can prove to him that this isn't true is by giving him joint custody. I wish you could see the look on my face as a write this. It's a face of complete disgust. Talking to him is like talking to a wall.

We are scheduled to sit actually sit down and talk without any disruption (or at least in an environment where we can yell at the top of our lungs and not get reproachful looks) on Monday night. After that, if things don't get worked out, lawyers are going to be brought in.

I can't believe my life is coming to this. I feel like this life isn't mine, and I'm just an outsider watching. I'm 22 and am preparing for a custody battle. Really? REALLY? How did it end up like this. Whatever. I'm going to win anyways.

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