Saturday, January 9, 2010

How much information is too much?

I applied for a Part time Assistant position last night. As I was writing my cover letter, I kept wondering how I could bring my personality to the letter. Cover letters are meant to be short. I debated giving the company my blog site. But then I thought about some of my blog articles that I just didn't feel comfortable with future-bosses knowing THAT much about my life.

However, it would've been so helpful for the hirer to get a better understanding of who I was if they did have access to my blog or twitter page. So much more faster and interesting than I cover letter I think.

The main question is: How much information is too much?

For example, many of my articles revolve around giving up the baby and the heartache involved with D. These thoughts may be viewed as controversial or too emotional. I don't want to be seen as a person with too much baggage. I've actually never associated myself as a person with baggage until now. I guess I do have a bigger share of problems that most people but, honestly, as long as I don't let my problems bring me down, they'll just make me a stronger person. I see my situation as just another part of life I'm supposed to learn from... not something that's meant to handicap me.

I think it's all in the presentation of yourself that makes or breaks you. Building my personal brand is something I've been working on for the last few months. The work has been more difficult that I expected. It's hard to crunch your entire being into one image. I started off with brainstorming a bunch of words that I thought really described me, my life and the essence of who I am. Next, I thought about what I wanted to give to people and get out of life. What was my message? I decided on focusing my brand on designing. It's what I love to do most in the world. I started designing my website revolving around this topic.

So far, my brand portfolio holds a website designed (just now programed yet) and business card. I think once my website is up and running, I'll feel more comfortable with giving it out. This blog is more like my personal diary. I hold nothing back and let all my thoughts, ideas and dreams flow out. This blog is kind of like my rough draft. It's where I started learning about writing and blogging. My website will be more revised and not all over the place.

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  1. Chances are management would find your blog if they Googled you, just as I did!