Monday, January 18, 2010

The only audience that matters is you

I am exhausted to the core.

I spent the last hour on the computer trying to strum up some energy to write today's blog. Couldn't do it. So I promptly shut down my computer and decided to retire only to restart the computer 15 minutes later. The annoying thing about my writing is that I like to write in the moment. You know you've finally gotten the hang of blog writing with your thoughts come in blog articles.

I knew that if I waited until tomorrow morning to write, the result would not be the same as it would be right now.

Today was a decent day. It started off fine and just got more tiring from then on.

I did some yoga this morning in order to jump start the baby-fat burning. Ended up hurting my lower back.

Later, when the creative juices in my mind started flowing, my back prevented me from reaching my beloved post-it notes in time. Many thoughts and ideas were lost in the attempt. They will be truly missed.

The highlight of my day was when I watched Objectified, a documentary by Gary Hustwit.

The video is about the interaction between humans and the design of all the objects surrounding them. It was an excellent documentary. I would've preferred if it had some better background music to keep the video more upbeat. But still, a fantastic documentary. The video definitely made me think.

I love design. I wish I was a true designer; the kind with all the training and knowledge.

Instead, I'm just a designer at heart.

I think what differentiates a designer from everyone else in the world is their special "third eye". Everywhere you look, design surrounds you. True designers see this and not only acknowledge the design but think of what can be improved and how to make it better. Design can always be improved because technology is constantly changing the way we do things.

One industrial designer in Objectified said, "True designers want their products to look like no design was put into it. [It should feel so intuitively natural]".

I don't entirely agree with this statement. Yes, good design should make the product innately easy to use..... but a unique design is what makes objects stand out from other objects.

Take a chair. The functionality of a chair differs only slightly, but uniquely designed chairs (with funky chairs and colours) are purchased because of their screaming design and form.

Designers are the true innovators of tomorrow. I find something fascinating about how designers interact with the world THROUGH design. When you pay attention, it is overwhelming to see how design truly affects every part of your life. From the bench you sit on at the bus stop to the shape of your toothbrush. Imagine what it'd be like if SUPREME design was embedded into every object we encountered in our daily lives. I would imagine it'd be like living in Japan. They have such a forward design thinking and aren't afraid (or poor) to implement it everywhere.

I want beautiful design to touch my life at every point possible. I'm determined to only spend money on things that fit this criteria.

One of the speakers I liked the most in Objectified, Rob Walker, a write for the New York Times Magazine, said that the whole point of purchasing is to find a connection with a true item that truly reflect the true story of who you are because really.....

the only audience that matters is you.

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