Thursday, January 14, 2010

Designing Happiness: Part 2

So, to continue with my best friend's "special guy".

He woke up and decided to change. And he did.... he actually completely, 360 degrees changed his life for the better.

His first step was to hire a life coach (because, honestly, what does a loner man know about being fantastic?)

I don't have the details of what the life coach did with him but whatever it was, it WORKED.

This hero had never been to a concert before. So he decided to attend one with The Frey, someone else and One Republic. He accidentally bumped into the lead singer of One Republic. They started talking and suddenly, he was invited backstage to meet everyone.

Then, the hero went his first hockey game. Happened to meet one of the big-time players, striked up another fantastic conversation, was invited to a bunch of parties and met more fantastic people.

The hero didn't like his body (he's a small, scrawny, asian guy). So, instead of just going to the gym like a regular person, he decided to take a one-week personal trainer's course instead. He designed a unique regime for himself and ended up talking about it. Before you know it, people were calling him up and asking if he could train them following his regime. So NOW, he has a fantastic body, fantastic followers and is a fantastic fitness trainer.

There's more.

He didn't like his job (something many of us can connect with). So, he went and got trained in this new software (I didn't really understand the technical specifications my best friend described). Anyways, the hero is extremely smart and was able to become completely trained in the software. His unique knowledge allowed him to get immediately snatched up by a company. Now, he's responsible for fantastic clients and makes a fantastic salary ($100/hour on average). He creates his own hours, works when he feels like it and has the dream career.

There's still more.

He's never travelled. So, for Christmas, he decided to pack his bags and backpack across Europe for a week. That's all the time his friend had. The hero returned to Canada and within a few weeks, traveled to Europe again to do some more backpacking for a week.

Since then, the hero has travelled to a bunch of different countries, exposing himself to so many amazing experiences and cultures.

My best friend got to talk to the hero at one party and left completely inspired to do more with his life. He described the hero as extremely down-to-earth, humble and an easy going guy.

It's people like this that I admire. People who see a problem, take charge and, most importantly, commit to their plan. People like this are rare..... but they don't need to be.

It's all about keeping focus.

Keep your goal at the fore front of your mind and with every step you take... make sure that it brings you closer to that dream.

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