Monday, January 25, 2010

Day minus 7 of THE JOB

So I got the job as marketing intern for TEG! I'm super excited. I got my own email account and access to the project management today.

After a small squeal of glee, I immediately started reading everything. I already have 31 emails! I don't even start until February 1!!! I feel so professional. I actually have a REAL job in my field! Ha ha!

I spent 2 hours exploring the project management system. I'm going to be one busy girl this February. My first project to attack is to create a "how-to" cleaning video. I haven't done any film work since Grade 12 when I was determined to break into the film industry. Those days seem so long ago but I still remember the thrill of seeing my video slowly come together. It was very rewarding. Along with the video, I have 5 other small projects to do while simultaneously create a new and original marketing campaign. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

My target is to increase sales by 50%. When I first saw this number, I balked. How am I, a newly-budding marketer, supposed to do this? Then, I remembered an article by one of my newest blog obsessions, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Awesome article; it basically breaks down every marketers dream, how to find paying clients. Little steps and personalization is the best way to find the best clients. Consumers love being given exactly what they want and get showered with attention. It makes us feel special.

Small steps. If I find 3 paying clients a weekend, or if I'm ambitious, one client a day... it'll start adding up. We want customers that will stay with us forever and spread the word. These loyal customers deserve our attention.

Beyond the excitement of the new job, my weekend was spent baby shopping. I got a BUNCH of sleepers and onesies from my friend who's baby just outgrew all his size 0-3 month outfits. Lucky me. Hopefully, he'll outgrow his car seat by March and I'll get to borrow that jewel too! Going to see a crib at IKEA tomorrow. With any luck, I can get that purchase done and over with. I want to get as much ready as possible by mid-February.

In addition to my crazy shopping, I've been crazy reading. And not just storybook-reading! But blog reading, funeral reading, Google Adwords reading, SEO reading, Personal finance reading, and oh-so-much more. Inspring blogs of the week: Lena Corwin (inspiration through image), Jenerally Speaking (inspiration through humor), I Will Teach You To Be Rich (inspiration through money).

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed the last few days. Inspirationally overwhelmed.

The thing I love about inspiration is that it facilitates dreaming. The instant inspiration hits you, whether it's through a photo, song, phrase, your brain automatically starts daydreaming. When I dream, I dream of wants. I tried really hard to think of some daydreams I have that don't involve "wanting" something.... I came up blank.

I was reading Jenerally Speaking yesterday, and after laughing really hard, started daydreaming about living the 'simple girl life'. A life that is carefree. Go to work. Go out for after-work-drinks. Go out for late dinner with the girls. Go home to a quiet apartment of your own. No worries about babies. No worries about custody battles. Just fun times.

I'll be having fun... but it's just going to be a different kind. I wonder how much I'll miss this life. A life where the only responsibility I had was to go to work and pay off my cellphone bill. Speaking of bills... my credit card is due. Whew... good thing I just remembered! Must go do that now.

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