Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Sunday Morning

Spending the day at my computer. Just checking up on blogs, twitter and doing some research into Google Adwords.

So far, highlight of my day Hugh MacLeod's pick up line.
"You're kinda cool... i'm kinda cool... We should kiss".

Bah ha ha ha!!!

So, just finished having a quick lunch/snack with my parents. We were just sitting in our bright, yellow kitchen and my dad was telling us about a dream he had last night. My dad is all-unto his own category.

He's a short, slightly balding, Vietnamese man with a big nose and thick glasses.

He is the most easy going man I've ever met, who rarely talks unless he has a glass of wine and a beer in his stomache. Then it's all smiles and corny jokes.

Life is simple from his perspective. He just take things as they going.... and he just keeps living.

Anyways, his dream was about a summer vacation trip. He was driving somewhere and had to pick up my dead grandma, my aunt, who lives in Toronto, and a cousin, who lives in California. (Did I mention he was driving?)
Suddenly, he found himself in the passenger's seat with a strange man driving the car instead. But whatever... it's a dream right.

Out of nowhere, the car stops working and a horde of people come up behind the car and start to push it. My dad got extremely scared. He started yelling at the driver to steer the car but the driver didn't know how to drive.

My dad just kept emphasizing how insanely scared he got and it finally shocked him out of his dream. ha ha ha. My dad is so strange.

All my life, I've been dying to move out... but I never realized how much I'm going to miss my "home life". My parents and I never really got along well but that was mostly because I never made time for them. I'd always be out with friends, working, studying. Now that I have so much free time and basically never leave the house, my relationship with them has gotten so much better.
Once I move out, things will never be the same. I'm going to miss out on all the small things, like my dad's random jokes, my mom's stories, and my sister's makeup.

But, that's what growing up is all about right?

And really... when does "growing up" end?

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