Friday, January 8, 2010

The Digital Age of Marketing

I'm doing some readings on digital marketing tools like blogs, podcasts, social networks, viral marketing, etc. The technology out there is amazing and it's all about connectivity and the end user.
Everyone is using it and only now are businesses climbing on board. The topic of social media marketing is so broad that I think it's crucial for businesses to have at least one person hired to just scan what is being said out there on the internet. If the company is smart, it'll take that information and use it to their benefit.

I read this book last winter on taking buzz marketing onto a whole new level. It's all about creating conversation.
Here's how I think of it: if you were out on your first date and the person did not talk or stimulate any conversation... would you want a second date?
It's the same with marketing, consumers are tired of this whole 'WE SAY and YOU BUY'. Thanks to the internet, consumers have found their voice. If businesses really want to succeed, they're going to need learn how to really talk to their consumers.

Take blogging... the success of a blog is typically measured by the number of comments it gets. If the blogger never responds to the comments, readers will eventually stop commenting because it's like talking to a wall. No response.

If individual bloggers can do this, why can't businesses?

Answer: I think it's because businesses don't know how to build ONE voice. Sure, they can build one marketing plan, one message, one look.... but creating one voice is different. Why? Because to have ONE voice, businesses need to rely on ONE person to do the talking. Just like in newspapers, columns are written by ONE person. Sure, there are editors and researchers who help build the article, but in the end, it's one writer that combines everything. Too many voices confuse readers.
Maybe businesses are too scared to give ONE person this power. The person would have to be amazing and embody the brand/company. But if you can hire one person to be CEO, you can hire one person to be the voice of the brand. It's what spokepersons are right?

Conclusion: businesses should start hiring people to specifically explore and use the internet.... starting with me.

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