Friday, January 15, 2010

Women vs. Men: Round 239

I'm finally realizing what it's like to be a TRULY busy, adult woman.

I spend the first 1-2 hours of my day checking emails, returning emails, checking twitter, checking facebook, checking the news (which I usually get from reading tweets) and of course, feeding myself.

I sit at my computer the majority of the day working on school assignments, my side projects, exploring the internet and just staying connected with people.

The social media world is definitely taking over my life and I don't hate it. I kind of like it. I feel like everyday, I'm learning something new. I'm learning about people. How they live their lives, etc.

Then I think about baby and HOW I'm going to manage.

WORK LIFE BALANCE is the official term- a term that I hate. But, it's true. Women face different challenges in life than men do. I remember reading this article a month back explaining why women experience more stress with their multitude of roles than men. REASON? Men are more selfish, therefore have less difficulty with their roles. Women, on the other hand, are usually more caring about others and want to please as many people as possible. Her children, her husband, her friends, her job, her dog, her mother, etc.

I usually don't like to separate men from women. I like to think that we're all the same and that each individual has differences and those differences should not be based on sex. Then I experienced the true stupidity of man. I am forced to admit that there are LARGE differences between men and women. I read this blog post called A Rant About Women... and I loved it.

This whole discussion of women vs. men leads to stereotyping and, for many of us, a total disregard of the topic. Especially in my generation, we don't like talking about this kind of stuff. We believe in total equity and facing small truths like "women ARE different from men and there's nothing you can do about it" causes extreme discomfort in us.

I love being a man. Ok, let me re-word that... I love being a tom-boy. I think like a man. I don't mind burping like a man. I check women out when they walk by. I'm not bi-sexual by any means, it's just that I understand the male mind. It's simple. Things are simple. And there's SOOOO much less stress.

I find guys approach things with less emotion. Even the girliest guy I know isn't as emotional as the hardest woman I know. Of course, hormones are always to blame for the female craziness that is emotion, but guys experience hormonal changes too. Then how come they don't act all crazy?

I think it's because society has forced them to keep their emotions in check. Society looks down on the emotional man. We've embraced the metro-sexual man... but if the dude starts crying just because he feels like it (which, DON'T LIE!!! Even the strongest women do)...

Society would say, "Dude, stop crying and grow some balls".

I hate being emotional. I try really hard to keep my feelings in check. I find women who are hard are more respected than soft-women.

So, here's the ultimate question?

How am I supposed to create the perfect work-life balance if I'm a woman, who will naturally have stress-break downs, be buried under raging hormones and be surrounded stupid men?

Note: Not all men are stupid. I know many fantastic men that I truly and deeply respect. I just think when it comes to women, men are dense and don't truly understand. Since we live side-by-side and depend on each other to survive and pro-create.... we have to try and find SOME medium ground that allows us all to excel.

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