Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why don't libraries look like Chapters?

So, I found myself wondering in the aisles of Chapters AGAIN.
It seems like whenever I don't have money is the time when all the coolest books pop onto the shelves. I'm so envious.
To save some money, I've been trying to borrow books from my library instead of buying them. However! My books have only a few copies and a massive "hold" line up. I don' know when I'm ever going to be able to read these books. Oh well, I guess it's for the better. I have 2 books to read for my non-profit marketing class.

I used to love going to the library as a child. It would be like a family outing. We'd go about once a week because I read sooooo fast. We'd spend hours in there. My dad usually just grabbed a magazine and sat in the back room waiting for me to decide which 7 books I should borrow. ha ha ha. Nowadays, libraries hold a lower appeal for me. Maybe because the aesthetics are just so harsh. The fluorescent lighting hurts my eyes against the book pages. There is no smell... almost like the place is so well-ventilated that air is too clean to hold a scent.
If I could, I'd build my own public library, where the shelves are white and the colors of the books leap off the shelves and catch your eyes. There would be quiet jazz playing in the background and soft lighting that tempts you to just grab a book, sit on the ground and read. I follow Chapters rules.... there should always be coffee within arms reach of a book. Of course, that would lead to more coffee-stains but that just adds to the essence of the book. What is it about Chapters that makes it so fantastic to be in?

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